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#TBT Series: Tamagotchi

I don’t really remember how old I was when Tamagotchi’s were the be-all-end-all of electronic toys, but I do remember giving these to all of my friends for their birthday’s that year. I had at least 4 which are probably still hidden in my closet somewhere!

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Happy THURSDAY, my lovelies! Early post today because I’m going to Anime Expo this weekend! And in celebration of that and the premiere of Sailor Moon: Crystal: 

Fandom Inspired: “Sailor Moon” - Sailor Senshi Inspired

(And hey, if you’re gonna be at Anime Expo this weekend and you see me, PLEASE run up to me and say hi! I’ll be delighted! More info on when I’ll be there and what I’ll be wearing in the link above ;) Happy weekend, my lovelies!)


The best little mermaid nails I’ll ever do. I honestly think I peaked, I’ll never do any nails better than this ever again. The top two pictures are what the nails are based off of, I’m sorry I don’t know who made them. The pink dress Ariel I did with my left hand so I’m super proud ❤️🐠🐟🐬🐳


Sailor Moon: Pretty Guardians

Mani Monday: Galaxy Print Nail Tutorial


Let’s face it, galaxy print will never go out of style. Now that we’ve all accepted that fact, check out the latest Mani Monday nail tutorial by Lindsey of Wondrously Polished! She was majorly inspired by all of the cute galaxy print on The Hunt, now you can wear this print wherever you go! 

1. Paint your nails a light grey/blue shade and let dry completely. 
2. Cut a makeup sponge into quarters - the smaller size will make it easier to manipulate the polish. For the following steps, dab out each polish color onto a piece of plastic and use the makeup sponge to apply it to your nail. 
3. Use a white or creme polish to start the base of your galaxies. I like to gently dab the makeup sponge in random, curvy shapes, like an ‘S’ or a ‘C’. This gives the galaxy more movement and interest. 
4. With a bright blue polish, dab along the edge of the white. Don’t go over board with the color - you can always add more later!

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